View to the shore
Lots of glimpses out of the shrubbery towards the shore
Aperture f/8.0
Speed 1/100s
Film speed ISO 200
Exposure comp. 0 ev
Camera Fujifilm X100T
Taken on 03/04/2018



I like the photos, but I find it distracting that the thumbnails are stretched horizontally in Google Chrome (on my PC, anyway, running Windows 10). In Microsoft Edge, on the other hand, the thumbnails look OK but the photos themselves are slightly stretched. Can you do anything about this?


I’ll see if I can solve this. I suspect it might be my attempt to limit the maximum height of an image to the screen height that might be causing problems on some screen sizes. And perhaps some browsers implement the CSS differently. It’s a bit tricky to test!

What size is your screen?

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